CoolioStreet seasoned rapper Coolio knows the harsh realities of being black in America and he’s holding court with the release of “Kill Again” on January 23, 2017.

Coolio’s lyrics in “Kill Again” address gang violence with the voice of a sage with “no family, no friends, no education … so, don’t you pretend that you understand cause you’ll never know why they kill again.” While the Internet may contain references to Coolio’s own alleged gang associations, the purpose of “Kill Again” is to make the nation talk about change.

A survivor of tremendously challenging life lessons, Coolio understands that a social shift must happen in America’s cities.

“Kids in urban communities that have a lack of education, often sell drugs. They turn to violence and gangs,” said Coolio. “There is a disconnect between police and minorities, which leads to police not really caring about justice and falsifying stories to lockup minorities. This makes friends and families turn against each other by telling them they will do time, if they don’t snitch.”

“Kill Again” is part of a new EP, “Long Live the Thief,” which is set to release at the end of the month with five songs. Other titles include “Like Me,” “I’m A Legend” and another social shakeup called “Snitchin.” The new EP is a follow-up to Coolio’s previous “It Takes a Thief” album.